Fathers Day Blog 2022



You once danced around in circles in your pretty pink dress hoping he would notice your perfect grace. On a piece of paper, you colored a stick man and stick girl holding hands and in red letters wrote I <3 you Daddy. You watched as he fixed things around the house knowing there was nothing he couldn’t do. You begged him to pick you up or hold your hand, you loved it when he told you how pretty you were, and you were safe as long as you were with him.


He was and maybe still is your hero. You wanted to be just like him. You watched his every move and mimicked his movements while your small hands turned the red plastic wrench. Laughter rang out when he threw you upon his shoulders and ran around the yard. You could hear his voice over all the others at your game. Nobody else mattered, you just wanted him to be proud. And you still do.


His hands were the strongest, his eyes the wisest, his laugh the loudest, and his smile the most handsome. Years later, his hands aren’t as strong, his eyes are framed by deep lines, his laugh may not be as loud but it is just as beautiful to hear, and he is still the most handsome man in the world. 

Dad, thank you for all the years of hard work, loving correction, wise advice, financial support, hugs, and cheers from the stands. Thank you for saying you’re proud and for teaching me practical things. Thank you for loving me through the years and all the unwise choices I made as I learned how to be an adult.

To all dads out there, this is your day. Whether you feel you are getting it right or wrong, every day is a new day. Every morning brings with it fresh opportunity. As they celebrate you today, enjoy their smiles, handmade gifts, cards, and the time spent with them. 

You know who you always wanted your dad to be…be that man today and every day after. Be the hero your children think you are. Don’t worry about all the material things you wish you could give them. Those things weren’t important to you as a kid and they aren’t important now. More than anything, they just want you. 

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.