Father's Day

Father’s Day

Dad. The bigger-than-life hero who has unlimited strength, good looks, and attention just for me. At least that’s the poster-dad you see in commercials. Or maybe Cat’s in the Cradle is more your theme song. I hope you have a great dad, but no matter what type of impact he has left in your life, we hope you have at least one male figure you can celebrate this Father’s Day who has shown you the love and guidance of a father. 

Modern Man

Let’s be fair. Being a father has to be an excruciatingly heavy role in the modern world we live in. Charles Ingalls was a tough man, but Little House on the Prairie portrayed a simpler life in many ways. Can you imagine financing a nice house, family cars, spectacular vacations, enough cash to keep the family up with today’s fashion, emails to answer, a cell phone providing constant interruptions accompanied by high demands, internet and television so he isn’t just stressed about his small farm in Walnut Grove, but about ALL world issues?! Just imagine what men really carry these days. Cut him a little slack. Forgive him where he got it wrong, and thank him for the times he got it right. 

Ideas for Dad…or whichever man stepped up

Men want to know they are appreciated. So this June, we celebrate the men who have stepped up and presented a strong male presence where one was needed. If you know one, do something nice for him! Show him you notice all his efforts and hard work and that you are grateful. Who doesn’t love a little TLC without the responsibility of reciprocation? Men LOVE to be pampered without any expectation on their part. Even if Dad didn’t do a great job, honor him anyway. Sometimes we have to treat people as if they are already who we want them to be, and surprisingly they begin to fill those shoes.

If you’re struggling with ideas, check out our Father’s Day Specials. Here are some other ideas to help you out:

  • Take him to see his favorite team or watch the game with him at home.
  • Offer to help him fix whatever Mom has been nagging him about.
  • Take him to his favorite restaurant or offer to grill for him.
  • Buy him the power tool that will make his life easier.
  • Cut his grass this month.
  • And if nothing else, share at least one good memory you have of the two of you.

You don’t have to have had the perfect father to make it a good Father’s Day this year. 

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