Holiday Packages

Check Out Our Spaliday Packages

Escape, Spaliday $445

  • Aromatherapy Massage- 90 minute massage
  • Signature Hydrafacial
  • Dermaplane Add-On
  • Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure
  • Escape Manicure

All Is Calm $350

  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 60 min
  • Aromatherapy Facial
  • Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure
  • Escape's Signature Aromatherapy Manicure

Santa, Baby Me! $240

  • Relaxation Massage 60 Min
  • Escape's Organic Facial- 60 minute
  • Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure

Zenny Little Christmas $195

  • Relaxation Massage- 30 minute
  • Escape's Organic Facial- 30 minute
  • Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure

Holiday Pick 2-4 starting at $200

Simply choose from one of our Pick 2- 4 package options. Choose your services when you book your appointments. Services to choose from:

  • Relaxation Massage 60 min
  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 min
  • Escape Signature Organic Facial
  • Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure and Escape Manicure
**Pick 4 only includes a Rejuvenating Salt Glow

Please give us a call to book all Holiday Packages

12 Days of Christmas Spaliday

3 Ways to Enter

1. Come in anytime between now and December 23rd and purchase a gift certificate in-store. 
2. Receive a service anytime between now and December 23rd and leave your name in the Christmas Bowl at the front desk after your service.
3. Follow us on Instagram and tag a friend on the days of the Instagram giveaways - Dec. 13, 16, 22, and 23.

Follow us on Instagram for our 12 Days of Christmas spaliday offerings including flash sales, on gift cards, services, and products.

All names will stay in our Christmas Bowl until the last giveaway for our Year Long Wellness Membership on December 23rd!

holiday packages

The Schedule

1st Day - Dec.12

2nd Day - Dec. 13

3rd Day - Dec. 14

4th Day - Dec. 15

5th Day - Dec. 16

6th Day - Dec. 17

7th Day - Dec. 18

8th Day - Dec. 19

9th Day - Dec 20

10th Day - Dec 21

11th Day - Dec. 22

12th Day - Dec. 23

**Important Holiday E-Gift Instructions. Our software has changed. Once you enter our E-Gift portal you can select online E-Gift, Mail or Pick Up to receive your E-Gift or Gift Card by mail or skip the line and receive for in-store pickup. To view all of the services and packages we offer on E-Gift including services, seasonal Holiday Packages and series packages, select EGift Calculator. The package will show on your E-Gift, however, if you are wanting a specific package you can not change the dollar amount after you have selected the service or packages as it will change to a dollar amount and delete the specific package or service of your choice and only the value will show. To view services within the package simply hit the " i " in the top right corner of the package. If there is a custom package you would like for us to create and need help, please give us a call we are happy to help!

Happy Holidays!