Happy Mother’s Day

Battle Scars

You bear the title Mom. A name that is so comforting and noble. It demands that you be wise, brave, strong, and compassionate. You are the defender of the little ones you birthed and adopted as your own. Protector, encourager, disciplinarian. You are all of these things with your love proving ever steadfast and unconditional. Your children look at you and see…

They see the most beautiful woman in the world (which you are), who is sweet, loving, nurturing, caring, and by far their biggest cheerleader! What they don’t see through all that fluffy Mommy-ness is your Mom-armor. Under your exterior is a tough interior…and from the inside, you are ripped! And those scars…you can show them off to other moms and swap stories.

A Mom’s Battles

Your soul may be painted with the battle scars of motherhood. Wounds start small and grow with the child. Wounds self-centered, careless teenagers obliviously leave behind as they choose to follow the roughest road, blaming you for all that’s wrong in their world, for example. (Cue the rolling eyes.)

You look forward to the day they are grown and you can relax…until you realize that grown children come with grown problems and you are still Mom. They won’t be able to identify with you until they accumulate a few battle scars of their own.

Mom, the Heroine

You have fought so hard. Sleepless nights, private tears, tough decisions, desperate prayers, fear of failure…and moments where you indeed fail, yet get right back up and charge, sometimes roaring, into the battle once again. It’s never-ending. And you are expected to win. 

And you do. 

Every time you offer a hug, a ride, forgiveness, attention, another meal, a bandaid, a listening ear, an accepting heart, a word of encouragement, clean laundry, loving correction, a “no” when you know it’s best, silence when you know nothing else will comfort, another round of the board game you hate, an approving smile…

And fellow Mom, your success isn’t dependent upon their behavior. You fight fiercely for them while they make their own choices. You can be proud of who you are.

You. Are. Mom. 

Today, you are seen. 

Today, all your efforts and battles are celebrated. It’s not just Mother’s Day. It’s Heroine’s Day. There’s always enough time to feel the weight of your failures…but not today. Today, you celebrate your VICTORIES.

So slip out of your shining armor and into whatever your heart yearns for – an elegant evening gown, cozy pajamas, your most comfortable and best-fitting jeans and t-shirt, sweatpants, a simple sundress… Today, bask in the rewards of your heroism.

    Heroine Specials at Escape

    We wouldn’t tell you to bask in the rewards without giving you some. And just a little side note, all of our Mother’s Day Packages come with our Hand-whipped Shea Butter or Choice of Salt Soak. So, here’s to you, Mom!

    My Mother, the Warrior! $340

    90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

    Signature Hydrafacial. 

    Includes a choice of one spa enhancement to create the perfect day to help her relax!

    She chooses one add-on service: hot stones or cupping with the massage or Dermaplane with the Hydrafacial.

    Mom, the Heroine! $395

    Women’s Organic Balancing Herbal Wrap 

    60 minute Aromatherapy Massage 

    Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure

    Escape Manicure

    Mom, the Superwoman! $465

    60 Minute Hot Stone or Himalayan Stone Massage

    Deluxe Hydrafacial 

    Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure and Signature Aromatherapy Manicure

    A Day together! 

    Perfect for now or later. Gift her a day together. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be designated on one day a year. We have many couples packages to offer, here are a few of our faves! 

    Aromatherapy Massage for two

    60 minutes $235

    90 minutes $305

    BFF Organic Facial – $215

    Signature Hydrafacial for two – $370

    Deluxe Hydrafacial for two – $470

    Platinum Hydrafacial for two – $550

    Gifts for your Heroine

    Keeping it simple…choose from one of our Pick 1-4 package options, and let her pick which services when she books with us! Still can’t find the perfect package, give us a call and we will customize it just for her. 

    You choose:

    Mother’s Day Pick 1 – $105

    Mother’s Day Pick 2 – $200

    Mother’s Day Pick 3 – $295

    Mother’s Day Pick 4 – $420

    She chooses from:

    Relaxation Massage – 60 min

    Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min

    Escape Signature Organic Facial

    Aromatherapy Steam Pedicure and Escape Manicure

    Signature Aromatherapy Pedicure and Escape Manicure

    **Rejuvenating Salt Scrub with pick 4 only

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the brave moms out there!

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