Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

The world has gone crazy. Everyone is disagreeing. Tensions are high. It’s 2021, people. It’s also May. Spring is in full bloom, the school year is coming to an end…unless you’re a homeschool mom, then who really knows when it will end, right? Anywho, May also means Mother’s Day. Personally, We think it should be Mother’s Month. 

Yes, we will take an entire month at Escape Day Spa to celebrate the women who have bravely endured nine months of forced shape-shifting, 5 years of voluntary sleep deprivation (which start over during the teen years), and a lifetime of money-vanishing, nerve-wracking, and self-neglecting dealings with the most irrational humans on the planet! Yet somehow they end up being the best years of your life. Funny how that works.

We’re going to veer completely off track here just for a rant…I mean a moment. Is Mother’s Day always about your mom (or mother-in-law) and how wonderful they are, yada, yada, yada. And yet you’re standing there thinking, “Has anybody noticed that I’ve birthed other humans as well?” We see you younger mom. You’re doing a great job! Let the matriarchs have their glory. You’ll be in their shoes one day!

Not a Birth Mom?

We realize not all moms are birth moms. Stepmom (God bless you), Adoptive Mom (same as birth mom, just without the birth), Foster Mom (Just, wow!), Substitute Mom (you keep the pantry stocked for all the neighborhood kids, nieces and nephews, and you also play counselor to many of them), and Fur Mom (your kids have 4 legs or wings, or they just slither). If you are a woman nurturing the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs of a living creature, we pay homage to you and every female in a mom role! 

So this May we’re going to honor all noteworthy moms with exceptional treatment! This is NOT the time to be all self-sacrificing and think about what your kids need! You can do that next month…and all the months thereafter. Our carefully thought-out packages are just for YOU and your mom. Yea, we don’t want to forget her. 

Mom. Mommy. Momma. Ma. Mother. Mum. Old Lady. No matter what you call her, just call her and tell her how much you appreciate her and that she is spending a day at Escape Day Spa with you to indulge in that appreciation…while you secretly celebrate yourself.

Happy Birth, Step, Adoptive, Substitute, Fur Mother’s Month!

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