I’m sitting here reflecting on the word love and how it strangely encompasses an incomprehensible mixture of euphoria and anguish…and every possible feeling in-between. We’ve all loved and been hurt by love and consequently, all view love differently depending on those experiences. How odd. It is universal in its use yet uniquely defined in every individual. No two people understand, perceive, or express love in exactly the same manner.

It’s Complicated

Unless you’ve spent your life in complete isolation, independent of all other humans, you are familiar with the chaos behind those words. Relationships require at least two people and as we just read, none of us see the world through the same lenses. So this is where work is required. 

Take time to think about the other person. How do they show their love for you? That is usually a clear indication of how they also perceive love. How do they express themselves in general? Can you try to express yourself that way? It’s an attempt to mimic them in a manner in which you respectfully embrace who they are instead of who you want them to be. Yep, it’s complicated.


When It’s Simple

You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can simply act in love  toward a family member, a friend, a pet, even a stranger. In fact, why not make a plan to buy extra flowers or chocolate and give a stranger a reason to smile?

Mom. Mommy. Momma. Ma. Mother. Mum. Old Lady. No matter what you call her, just call her and tell her how much you appreciate her and that she is spending a day at Escape Day Spa with you to indulge in that appreciation…while you secretly celebrate yourself.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

– Mark Twain

Your friends and family will appreciate simple love. How good does it make you feel when someone went out of their way to show you they were thinking about you? Keep it simple.

The Valentine’s Gift

The perfect gift might not come wrapped in a box.

Commit to making it a day that won’t quickly be forgotten. Give of yourself. Give of your time. Give of your money. Give your undivided attention. Be intentional. Plan. Be open. And be forgiving if you feel disappointed at their lack of effort.

To help avoid disappointment, simply ask for what you want. If you’re a woman in a relationship with a man, trust me, the man will be relieved he doesn’t have to do the guesswork only to risk letting you down and feeling like a failure. Set him up for success and get what you want at the same time!


Valentine’s Biggest Blunder

There are three things the retail industry will try to convince you equal perfect Valentine’s gifts. A box of chocolates, flowers, and a stuffed animal. For the love, please don’t present them with just any of these three things! This screams lazy thoughtlessness! They can complement well-thought-out gifts, but not stand in their place. They are only suitable for the stranger described above! If this is what you receive, practice forgiveness and better communication for next year.

Valentine’s at the Spa

the stranger described above! If this is what you receive, practice forgiveness and better communication for next year.

The French language is known as the language of love. Like a calming melody, it seems to romantically flow off the tongue of its possessor, luring one into a cozy daydream. We don’t even have to know what is being said. That is how we want you to feel every time you’re at Escape. We don’t even care if you drool a little. 


If being pampered at the spa is right up your Valentine’s alley, then your shopping is just a click away.


And since Valentine’s Day is about you and someone you love, we hope you choose one of the packages for couples and come drool together! But, if you’re just gifting for someone else, we have the perfect options for that as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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