Body Treatments & Wraps

There is no better way to enjoy the exquisite luxury of a private day spa retreat than to take advantage of a rejuvenating full body treatment and feel amazing about the healing benefits it also has to offer.

Mud is known for aiding and healing arthritis and rhuematism, soothing muscle aches and reducing joint swelling. It is also helpful in treating skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Mud and herbs wraps can also help to stimulate your immune system. A mud treatment improves your circulation, staves off wrinkles and gives your skin a healthy glow all while detoxifying your body as you are immersed in a meditative state of relaxation and healing.


Rejuvenating Salt Glow

Individual Session………………………….$125

Our salts are where the healing begins. We create our on salt blends for a truly healing experience. We use a custom blend of mineral rich salts, aromatic pure essential oils, and organic botanicals blended with warm oils rich in antioxidants. We replenish your skin with our hand This treatment will gently exfoliate your skin, allowing for cell regeneration, and revealing your skin’s natural soft, smooth and silky glow.


Women’s Balancing Organic Body Wrap

Individual Session………………………….$175

This herbal treatment uses Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western herbs that have been used for centuries to treat difficulties associated with hormonal changes in women. We begin with a gentle organic body scrub and then apply a concentrated herbal paste to your body. The body is then wrapped so that the herb is able to penetrate for 20 minutes. We pair this with an aromatic body crème to super-hydrate your skin. This treatment is perfect for PMS, menstrual cramps, and other hormonal difficulties, such as irritability, breast tenderness, and bloating.


Moor Mud Detoxifying Body Wrap

Individual Session………………………….$155

Our mud is naturally enhanced with bio-minerals, and trace elements of vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrient rich, and amazing fatty acids. This treatment will leave your skin beautifully smooth and luxurious, but will also aid your body in detoxing and will help harmonize many imbalances within.


Escape’s Mind and Body Balancing Treatment

Individual Session………………………….$165

Our Mind and Body Balancing Treatment starts with our Signature Rejuvenating Salt Glow with your preference of our line of hand crafted Aromatherapy Body Scrubs. Our salts are where the healing begins. You will then bask for 20 minutes in one of our organic body clays to detoxify and promote healing within. Your experience ends with a light full-body massage with our house-made Cocoa Shea Butter, to replenish your skin leaving you completely rejuvenated and glowing.


**Adding an hour long massage to any of our body treatments is highly recommended.

Escape a Little More…

Any of the items below can be added on to your body treatment for an even more relaxing experience!

**For all CBD products, if you choose an add on and decide to purchase that product we will take off the product purchase price. Applies to Thrival, Revive, Recover, R&R, Wild Crafted Face Oil, & Skin Balance Body Oil.

Skin Balance Body Oil $20

Deep Nourishing CBD-Powered Botanical and Herval oil blend. Provides deep relief and restoration to the body. Oil up with this skin superfood that nourishes and rebalances while providing antioxidant protection. A perfect add on to any body treatment.

Thrival CBD Extract $10

A sublingual dose of our cold pressed CBD superfood helps bring overall wellness reducing and balancing inflammation within the body, aiding in enhanced recovery, cognitive function, and increased energy levels.

Revive CBD Balm – Spot Treatment $10

Slow simmered CBD salve is applied to targeted areas (neck,shoulders, feet, and any other areas of tension) in order to saturate sore muscles and joints,providing relief and restoration.

Recover CBD Sport – Spot Treatment $10

A powerful herbal muscle andjoint formula is then applied to those targeted areas at the end of service to immediately cool and soothe. This provides relief and promotes the recovery process.

Stone Therapy $20

Add to any massage to target specific areas of need (2 warm stones), choose between Himalayan Salt Stone or Basalt.


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